• Private Office Workstation Dr Weil OPT2 northwest view Enscape University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine

Architect: Line + Space Architects | Rendering: White Baux Studio

University of Arizona Center For Integrative Medicine

Tucson, Arizona

client: University of Arizona

completion: estimated 2022

size: 33,400 SF

cost: $30M

architect: Line + Space Architects

relevant services:

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • In progress full CD submittal
  • Space Planning
  • FF+E furniture selections + specifications
  • Furniture Mockup Evaluation
  • Curation of Materials and design elements
  • Wellness mapping, Biophillic and Ergonomic Design
  • Adherence to High Performance Interiors building criteria


The new Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine building will facilitate the fundamental goal of creating a physical environment that supports and sustains the philosophy of integrative medicine. The building will incorporate the findings of the Center’s research into the design and will become a laboratory for the research, providing real time ability to monitor the performance of the spaces and their occupants. It will provide a landmark building for the Center to house staff and research faculty while providing inspiring spaces for workshops and education.

Design will be of its time and place, a physical expression of the Center’s ideologies guided by site and climate, light and space, views and resource conservation. Materials and design elements will be expressed honestly, incorporating and highlighting the efficiency, beauty, and warmth of natural materials.

The facility will promote a physical, spiritual and emotional connection to the natural environment with indoor and outdoor spaces that focus on building a unified community and demonstrate how to live and work responsibly in the arid Sonoran Desert. Response to climate and architectural expression of building functions will help clarify the experience while strategies such as daylighting, shading of windows, harvesting rain water and providing strong connections to nature will create a comfortable and peaceful place for users and staff and help the facility achieve a minimum LEED Silver certification.

Mock up Evaluations were held to gain valuable feedback from the client on the office furnishings. White Baux Studio, in collaboration with respected vendors, coordinated an evaluation session where furnishings could be tested and comments were recorded and untilized to create spaces that support employees work functions as well as health and wellness.

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